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Mr. Jackson has had to opportunity to represent citizens, businesses, and organizations in both state and federal courts who have been charged with violating laws, regulations, and governing ordinances.  Whether it is assisting a physician navigate a background investigation by the Texas Medical Board, advising a non-profit group on best practices, representing students before schools and universities, or aiding a client being investigated for capital murder, Mr. Jackson has obtained positive outcomes from even the most difficult of situations.  

Mr. Jackson has also represented victims of crime and aided in criminal and forensic investigations serving as a liaison between citizens, organizations, and law enforcement or regulatory agencies.  

In every case, the goal at the end of representation is to leave the client in a better position than they were when they first came to the office. 


Mr. Jackson has handled hundreds of appeals and post-conviction investigations, motions and writs, in both state and federal courts.  His work has led not only to convictions being overturned, but to clients being declared actually innocent and freed from wrongful imprisonment.  He has authored and co-authored appellate filings in Texas' highest courts, the United States Supreme Court, and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  


Mr. Jackson's writing ability, legal reasoning, and skill at oral argument has been recognized and praised by appellate judges and opposing counsel.  These traits, coupled with his passion for the substance of the law, have led to great and frequent success for his post-conviction clients.  


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